You are currently viewing Support for teenage girls’ feminist initiatives: a cooperation between the WFA and Global Fund for Women

Support for teenage girls’ feminist initiatives: a cooperation between the WFA and Global Fund for Women

Continuing our cooperation with Global Fund for Women, the following initiatives have been selected to be supported during 2022:

  1. Mughdusyan Art Centre  – KENATS KAV- Berdavan – In the framework of the program, there will be meetings with teenage girls working in the newly opened clay workshop in Berdavan community. The program is aimed at strengthening girls’ capacities. During the program, there will be various meetings and discussions on women and human rights, equality, and other topics. There will also be ceramic master classes.
  2. Teenage girls of Charentsavan – “Girls are Power” – This group of teenage girls plans to organize a series of meetings in their community with their peers. Psychological art trainings and discussions on feminism will be held. The girls plan to organize a small campaign and event at the end of the program.
  3. “Voice to girls” Initiative – “Voice to girls” project – Girls from Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan College want to show with their project that girls do have a voice, their voice is heard, and their rights are protected, they have the opportunity to do what they like, without being ashamed and subjected to stereotypes and discrimination. They plan to hold discussions in the college to find out the problems of the girls studying there and to give them solutions. As a result of the meeting, groups will be formed depending on the topic. At the college, the girls also plan to create a feminist corner for both teachers and students.
  4. Ani Petrosyan- “Girlopolis” project – The mission of the initiative is to support Armenian girls entering the IT and business spheres. The goal is to create a community where girls can encourage each other. By the end of the program, it is planned to create successful startups, all of which will be founded by young girls. This is already the third time that Ani organizes this hackathon for girls. The previous ones were very successful among teenage girls.