Femstory: Feminist oral story archive

About the project

Femstory is an initiative by the Women’s Fund Armenia that aims at spreading the use of the feminist methodology in oral stories and with its help, reveal the often unheard stories of women silenced by the patriarchal system.

The “Femstory: Feminist oral stories archive” project’s interviewers collected five stories from women human rights defenders who had experiences with anti-gender attaks and backclash due to the nature of their jobs. You can read the summaries of the stories by following the link below.

Within the framework of the project, we translated Erin Mills’ article on the oral history method. You can find the Armenian version below.

3-day training for interviewers

On June 20, 22 and 23, Women’s Fund Armenia launched the first of the series of trainings within the “Femstory: Feminist oral story archive” project. 

Telling our stories: feminist debates and the use of oral history​

We have translated an article by Joan Sangster’s “Telling our stories: feminist debated and the use of oral history.” You can find the Armenian version below.

Feminist Map of Yerevan

This map was developed by the Femstory project of Women’s Fund Armenia. It is based on the history of the Armenian feminist movement and the memories of feminist activists.  

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