Partners and Their Stories

Voice to Girls - adolescent girls initiative

Voice to Girls is an initiative of adolescent girls that are implementing group meetings and discussions with other adolescents and sharing ideas about feminism, its directions and history. 

YWCA Noyemberyan

The Armenian National “Young Women’s Christian Association” NGO is a non-religious, non-commercial, independent organization. The organization’s mission is to unite Armenian women and girls, empower them and provide them with capacity building, improve their status and develop their economic opportunities in the society through continuous education and exchange programs, as well as awareness-raising on human rights.

Mughdusyan Art Center and Kenats Kav in Berdavan

The Mughdusyan Art Center was founded in 2014, the main goal was to create a center that would contribute to the establishment of democracy and social justice.The center’s missions include empowering women, preventing domestic violence, raising awareness on women’s rights through art, and educating young women and girls.

Are՛ Cultural Foundation

ARé is a multifaceted cultural platform which creates an art-rich environment fueling the development of music and contemporary art as well as fostering cultural policy and art thinking practices.

More about the organization on their Website.

Resource Center for Women’s Empowerment

The organization’s mission is to create more favorable conditions for women in Kotayk region for empowerment and advancement. Our goal is to prevent domestic violence, to quickly respond to cases of domestic violence, showing that women are not alone, to respond to women’s needs by creating new opportunity platforms in Kotayk Region.

Women’s Center - Shushi

The Women’s Center is providing social work, psychological and other necessary services to the displaced women from Nagorno-Karabakh. Currently, the organization operates from Armenia. 

Sexual Assault Crisis Center NGO

SACC is the only organization in Armenia providing social work, legal and psychological services to the survivors of sexual assault. 

Charentsavan Girls” Initiative

The initiative consists of several adolescents and young girls who are organizing meetings and discussions on feminism, self-reflections, self-care, bullying, discrimination, etc. 


The mission of the initiative is to support as many girls as possible to enter IT and business fields. The main goal is to create such a powerful community of girls who motivate each other to achieve great success in those fields.

Girl Up Avshar

The aim of the initiative is to increase and improve adolescent girls’ involvement in STEM.


Kanani NGO

The purpose of the organization is to implement multi-disciplinary programs and events aimed at solving society’s problems, creating and spreading democratic mechanisms in the Republic of Armenia, ensuring the importance of human rights, protecting the interests of vulnerable groups, mental, intellectual and physical development of people and children in need of social psychological care, special education and harmonious physical development.


ClubKidzz is an initiative with programs and events with a socio-political context, designed to make more audible the voice of people ghettoized and marginalized from society and cut off from minimal socio-economic privileges. ClubKidzz is for people of any gender, body shape, sexual orientation and gender identity who are concerned with personal and community well-being, inner feelings, emotions, feelings and presence in the outside world.

More about the initiative on their instagram page.

Wօmen in Black

“Women in Black, Armenia” peacebuilding initiative fights against war, militancy, violence and discrimination. About 10,000 activists from different countries of the world are included in this movement. Armenia is one of the latest chapters to join the Women in Black international women’s network. In Armenia, this movement was founded in 2011 with the support of the Society without Violence NGO. The initiative has been operating independently since 2016 and is registered as a public organization.

Women’s Rights House

The Women’s Rights House was founded in 2017 in the city of Gyumri, Shirak marz. It is built around the idea of women’s rights and interests by promoting the protection of women’s rights, advocating for public policy change around them, and providing needs-based support.

Women’s Agenda

Women’s Agenda aims to uplift women’s resilience and expertise to build peaceful communities and a sustainable future. WA was founded in 2020 by two young women having extensive field experience and knowledge in Women, Peace, and Security and managing dozens of projects. They share the values of anti-militarism, women’s resilience, and gender equity. Women’s Agenda promotes anti-militarism, advocates for sustainable peace, and raises awareness on security, particularly on human security issues.  

Center for Legal Initiatives NGO

“Center for Legal Initiatives” NGO was founded in 2017. The organization’s mission is to support the formation of a legal state where human beings, their dignity, rights and freedoms are recognized as the highest values.

More about the organization on their Website.


Creopia, founded by two women, strives to create a safe space primarily for women to explore their own opportunities within art, social expression, community work and entrepreneurship. Creopia holds amazing space for discussions and reflections on social issues that are often untouched.

More about the organization on their Website.

Let’s Talk Initiative by Diana Martirosyan and Zara Gհazaryan

Diana and Zara want to talk about topics that are usually being carefully hidden. These are open conversations for informative entertainment. 

More about the initiative on its Youtube page.

YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies

The main goal of the Center is to promote gender equality and leadership in Armenian society. YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies provides comprehensive research, training, and outreach functions engaging Armenian higher education institutions, local NGOs and international agencies in training women for career promotion and professional leadership.

More about the organization on their Website.

Socioscope NGO

Socioscope NGO was founded in 2008 by a group of young social scientists aspiring to contribute to the development of civil society in Armenia through social research, consultancy and awareness building. The Socioscope team designs and implements research and educational projects on civil society processes and activism, sexuality and gender, discourses and ideologies from a critical stance. As part of educational projects, we aim at empowering civil society members with social science knowledge and methodology through well-grounded courses combining theory and activism practices. The NGO is a member of South Caucasus Human Rights Defenders Network, and of Human Rights House Yerevan.

More about the organization on their Website.

Alvan Tsaghik social-educational NGO

The goal of the organization is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the population of Shirak region through educational and social programs. The activities are mainly aimed at children, youth, women and vulnerable groups. The cooperation with WFA has started since 2019, when the organization saw the announcement of the capacity development course on Facebook and participated.
Projects implemented by Alvan Tsaghik with the support of WFA: 1)”
Try for mm” – Identifying the problems of women with disabilities, 2)”Arevashogh”- Raising awareness of women in rural communities about self-care, 3)Assistance to displaced women from Artsakh, 4)”Open-ended answers to closed-ended questions” – Awareness about SRHR for teenage girls.
More about the organization on its Facebook page.

Svetozar educational NGO

The organization is operating in Ararat region. Its aim is to support the development of a developed civil society in Armenia, the development and empowerment of communities and individuals, providing information and advice to women from communities, building a peaceful, just and inclusive society in the community, while preserving gender equality. The main target group is rural women and girls. 

The organization is cooperating with the Women’s Fund Armenia since 2019. During this time, it has implemented a number of projects: 1)”Women’s Empowerment in Rural Communities” program for women and girls in the Assyrian community of Verin Dvin, 2) “Emergency support for women to start farming in COVID-19 conditions”, 3) “Emergency Assistance in COVID-19 conditions”.

DiverCity NGO

The main goal of the organization is to promote the spread of pluralism and diversity, as well as to deal with the socialization of vulnerable and targeted people, the protection of interests, to promote cultural diversity in the Republic of Armenia, and the development of culture and the spread of the ideology of humanity. The target group is vulnerable and targeted persons, including LGBTQ +, people with disabilities, persons of other cultural and religious identities, women and girls.

The organization is cooperating with the Women’s Fund Armenia since October 2020. During this time, it has implemented the following projects: 1)”Promoting a culture of mutual aid and self-care” for LGBTQ+ people, 2)”The rights of my body” – raising awareness about the sexual health and reproduction of women and girls by creating videos that will present the above topics and the rights that protect them. 

More about the organization on their Facebook page.

You are not alone NGO

The organization is operating in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. Its goal is to have a healthy and informed society. Target group are  women facing domestic violence and their children, single mothers with many children.

The cooperation with the WFA has started since 2019. Three projects have been implemented with the support of the Fund: 1)”Hope does not die in the end” -the goal was   to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 as much as possible. 2) “You are not alone” program aimed at meeting the basic needs of women and their families affected by the war. 3) “Women’s Reproductive Rights – Safe Motherhood” program – to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health.

More about the organization on their Facebook page.

Huysi Metsamor NGO

The organization operates in Metsamor, Armavir region. Its goals are: ensure the right of people with disabilities and their family, promote the capacity of the beneficiaries, the development of skills, their full participation in community life, develop a positive attitude in the environment and change perceptions about their problems and role.

The cooperation with the WFA has started since 2020. The projects implemented by the organization with the  support of the Fund are as follows: “Support to single mothers with disabled children” – to help them overcome the situation caused by the pandemic, “Awareness Campaign among Rural Women in Armavir”  aimed at developing the ability of parents to talk to their children about sexuality,  “Psychological support to the families from Artsakh” – group and individual meetings with the families, “Adolescent Girls’ Reproductive Health” – informational meetings with girls about changes in adolescence, sexuality, hygiene, sexual violence, and the right to body immunity.

More about the organization on their Facebook page.

Berd Women's Resource Center Foundation (BWRCF)

BWRC Foundation was established to support the development of women in the communities of the Shamshadin region of Armenia. The BWRC Foundation’s goals are: to protect women’s rights and support their advocacy, advance women’s awareness of informational, educational, cultural, health and business issues, support women’s civic participation and decision-making processes in politics, create a network of cooperation between women’s NGOs, create a network of NGOs in the Berd region, prevent the processes of trafficking and migration, support the freedom of speech, democracy and superiority of the laws. 

The organization has implemented several projects with the support of the WFA, including rapid response grant program in the COVID-19 emergency situation, sexual and reproductive health and rights program for women from Berd, etc.

More about the organization on their Facebook page.

Young Tavush NGO

The organization operates in Ijevan, Tavush region. Its aim is to contribute to the protection of children, families in need of social assistance, protects women’s rights  and interests. The target group are women who face domestic violence. 

The organization has started its cooperation with the WFA since 2021. It has implemented the program called “Being informed means being protected.” In 3 communities of Tavush region, awareness-raising courses on sexual, reproductive health and rights were conducted. The main beneficiaries of the program were socially vulnerable women who have been subjected to domestic violence.

More about the organization on their Facebook page.

Women's Empowerment Center

The organization was registered in 2015, but before that several active women were dealing with the problems of women living with HIV, implemented small projects aimed at women’s sexual and reproductive health. The main directions of the organization’s work are: Capacity building for women and girls through trainings, seminars, support groups and capacity building activities, Strengthening the economic potential of women, Promoting gender equality, Protection of rights, Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights, Universal access to treatment. 

With the support of the Fund, the organization has implemented 2 projects: “Empowerment of Women through the development of personal skills, self-discovery, self-expression, the formation of a positive attitude” and COVID-19 emergency grant program which consisted in providing women and girls with sanitary and hygiene kits.

More about the organization on their Facebook page.

Lusastgh NGO

Lusastgh Charitable NGO was founded in 1998. The mission of the organization is to help solve the problems of people with disabilities through advocacy. Goals and objectives are: promote the inclusion of PWDs in society through education; contribute to professional orientation; contribute to the implementation of community programs aimed at addressing PWD issues; provide psychological, social, legal support; promote their activation and inclusion through sport and cultural events.

The cooperation with the WFA has started since 2021. With the support of the WFA, the organization is implementing “Reproductive Health – Pledge of Prosperity” program to identify the reproductive health problems of women with disabilities through research, promote their health through awareness, as well as provide inclusive, accessible health services in Lori region.

More about the organization on their Facebook page.

Arpy NGO

Arpy NGO is operatin in Lori region, in particular, in communities of Gargar, Saratovka, Metsavan, Sverdlov, Agarak. The main goal of the organization is to provide support to women, children and their families in the psychological and legal spheres. The target groups are women and children.

The cooperation with the WFA has started since 2021. With the support of the WFA, the organization is implementing an awareness raising campaign for rural women in Lori on topics of sexual and reproductive health and rights. During the implementation of the program, the obstetrician-gynecologist presents in detail the latest methods of contraception, unwanted abortions, sexually transmitted infections. At the end, women participants get answers to all their questions and receive an individual consultation.

Coalition to Stop Violence against Women

On October 1st, 2010 in the result of severe beatings 20-year-old Zaruhi Petrosyan died. Of course, Zaruhi’s case was not the only one, but it was  fatal,  as it contributed to raising the phenomenon of domestic violence, illustration of  DV cases hidden in our society  by  mass media , awareness raising  for the citizens of the phenomenon  of domestic violence. After the incident, 7 companies merged and formed “The  Coalition to stop Violence against Women,” which called for a fair trial and prevention of  such cases and the adoption of  the  preventive legislation of  domestic  violence. Although the phenomenon of domestic violence remains one of the key issues in the country, however, is not regulated by law. In 2013, the National Assembly rejected the “preventive legislation of DV ” that could change the situation and  prevent the final breakdown of many families.

The organization has implemented an emergency response grant program with the support of the WFA, providing women with food packages and hygiene kits to survive the crisis caused by the COVID-19.

More about the organization on their Website.

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