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Projects funded with the support of Equality Fund (2022)

The Women’s Fund Armenia and Equality Fund started cooperating at the end of the last year. Since the beginning of the year 2022, the following projects are being implemented as a result of this cooperation:

  • Socioscope NGO: “Institutional Support to Women Researchers”

The institutional support will allow the NGO to continue studying sexuality stories in modern Armenian society, which will serve as a basis for developing suggestions for various stakeholders on how to respond to existing negative stories and promote positive messages.

The institutional support will also increase the capacity of the organization by allowing it to organize and conduct internal audits. An internal audit will help find problems and solve them. Additionally, the organization’s staff will participate in various capacity-development courses based on their needs.

Socioscope will also organize an annual session at the end of the year to summarize the results of activities in 2022 and plan activities for 2023.

  • Center for Legal Initiatives NGO: “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Rights Protection of Women and Girls on Probation”

The long-term goal of the program is to promote the rights protection of women and girls on probation during the pandemic. The short-term goal of the program is to raise public awareness on women and girls on probation during the pandemic.

Within the framework of the project, a research report will be prepared and sent to 20 local and international organizations and 10 media outlets.

The NGO will organize 2 press conferences with decision-makers, policymakers, and other stakeholders and a final discussion with at least 30 participants, including 3 former convicts.

  • Democracy Today NGO: “Armenian Young Professionals Fight Against Human Trafficking and Forced Labor”

The goal of the project is to create an alternative youth laboratory, which will work on human trafficking issues and cooperate with state commissions by proposing ideas to improve the policy of the Republic of Armenia, paying attention to the vulnerability of young people.

Another goal of the project is to strengthen the leadership skills of young professionals working in various fields in the fight against trafficking so that they can create successful, innovative mechanisms for combating trafficking.

During the project, materials will be prepared and meetings will be held with decision-makers, victims of trafficking, and members of the Interagency Commission on Trafficking.

  • YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies: “Student Involvement in Gender Equality Discussion/Ensuring Continuity of the Center’s Functions”

The goal of the project is to increase the awareness and visibility of the YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies.

During the project, leading experts and researchers will organize meetings and lectures. Also, sensitivity training will be provided. Students will receive small research grants. Interuniversity networks will be strengthened, especially on human rights and gender equality issues.

  • Diana Martirosyan and Zara Ghazaryan: “Let’s Talk” educational/social program.

The goal of the project is to become a reliable and trustworthy source of information on “forbidden” topics. A series of programs will be prepared where controversial topics will be discussed.