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Below you can get acquainted with the projects that received financial support thanks to the Calala Foundation, which were implemented this year or are still in the process of implementation.

Continuing to cooperate with the German filia foundation, this year we provided financial support to a number of programs, which we present below.

In 2023, a number of new projects and ideas were implemented thanks to the continued cooperation with the Kvinna Till Kvinna.

In 2023, WFA continues to cooperate with The Sigrid Rausing Trust foundation, within the framework of which more than 10 projects have received support.

In 2023, we continue our collaboration with the Canadian Equality Fund, supporting women’s and feminist organizations, as well as activists in Armenia to realize their feminist ideas.

On the Right Track: a cooperation between the WFA and Calala foundation

Since the beginning of 2022, Women’s Fund Armenia is implementing the project called “On the Right Track: Establishing a European-Latin American Alliance of Women’s Funds to defend human rights and the values of democracy, freedom and diversity from the attack of the rising religious conservatism and the right-wing” in cooperation with Calala foundation. Within this grant program, a number of initiatives (mostly research) are being carried out by our following partners:

Development of Feminist Philanthropy in Armenia and Strengthening Feminist Solidarity

Within the framework of a grant project implemented with the financial support of Kvinna till Kvinna and called “Development of Feminist Philanthropy in Armenia and Strengthening Feminist Solidarity”, the Women’s Fund Armenia is supporting the following organizations and initiatives of women:

Support for teenage girls’ feminist initiatives

Continuing our cooperation with Global Fund for Women, the following initiatives have been selected to be supported during 2022:

Collaboration with Equality Fund

The Women’s Fund Armenia and Equality Fund started cooperating at the end of the last year. Since the beginning of the year 2022, certain projects are being implemented as a result of this cooperation.

Feminist Landscapes: A joint regional cooperation project

As a result of the established regional cooperation agreement in 2021, 4 partner organizations of the Women’s Fund Armenia launched their programs at the end of the year. They are part of a program called “Feminist Landscapes – Civil Society Dialogue with All Voices”, which is implemented with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with the following foundations: filia, Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Women’s Fund in Georgia, FemFund, Women’s Fund Armenia.

Adolescent girls' grant programs

One of the main directions of the Women’s Fund Armenia’s activity is the work with teenage/adolescent girls, cooperating with them, giving girls opportunities to realize their own thoughts and ideas. During the cooperation with the adolescent girls, the Fund uses new and innovative methods, such as video applications, online meetings-reports, etc.

Self-care and well-being program

The one-year self-care and well-being program of the Women’s Fund in Armenia, implemented with the support of the Solidarity Fund, is over. During the program, thematic meetings were held with our partners, as well as they were given sub-grants to implement their own self-care projects. Details can be found here.

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