Our Story

Established in 2018, Women’s Fund Armenia is a local feminist organization that supports women and girls in Armenia through capacity building, providing financial support and development of feminist movement.

The Fund’s mission is to support women’s movement building in Armenia by providing necessary resources and tools to women’s organizations, women’s initiatives, feminist activists, researchers and scholars to design and implement their ideas to advance women’s rights and feminist projects.

The Fund’s goal is to develop a sustainable feminist philanthropy to support the strengthening of feminist discourse, safe spaces and collective initiatives addressing main challenges that women and girls are facing today in Armenia.


Since its establishment, the Fund has been able to put together many exciting projects, received many interesting proposals, were able to support more than 100 projects, conducted a series of capacity development workshops for women from various groups, to reach out to more than 1000 women and girls. We are a member of the Prospera- International Network of Women’s Funds European Funds Convening, have a number of reliable and supportive international partners.

Our partners about us

Our Team

Gohar Shahnazaryan

Co-Founder and co-director

Lara Aharonian

co-founder and Co-director

Siran Hovhannisyan

program coordinator

Siran is responsible for the Fund’s outreach and monitoring of projects implemented by the Fund and its partners.

Anna Hovhannisyan

advocacy Officer

Anna is responsible for the Fund’s advocacy goals, including: building knowledge to support advocacy, supporting the advocacy goals of grantee partners and making the Fund’s work visible in local and international levels.

Armine Markosyan

Project assistant and communication specialist

Armine is responsible for the Fund’s social media management, PR, as well as the administrative work related to the Fund’s projects, the Fund’s communication.

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