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Results of the call for feminist art project proposals

In July, the Women’s Fund Armenia announced another call for proposals the aim of which was to support the ideas of women and girls in the field of art, through which they address various social and gender issues.

The Fund had received 27 applications, from which the following 8 projects were selected:

  1. Aghunik Ter-Stepanyan – A series of graffiti art entitled “The Right to Be Heard” in Vanadzor, which will show the importance of a woman’s ability to speak up, to express her ideas.
  2. Amassia Niziblian – an art exhibition, sharing the author’s diary recordings with the public, especially to become vulnerable and normalize the taboos of the simple existence of feminine life.
  3. Astghik Gaudyan and Siranush Aghajanyan – “Post-War Butterflies. Courtship” documentary, which will discuss the discourse of war, the relationship between war and art.
  4. Gohar Smoyan – Comics depicting famous Gyumretsi women of all times, which will have an educational purpose.
  5. Hasmik Simonyan – Publication of a series of poems called “The beekeeper girl”, where the author will talk about the woman, the experience of dialogue between mother and daughter, the complexes, the experience of sexual maturation, the sexual life of a woman – woman-woman, woman-man, the relationship between inside and outside trauma and the fight for equality.
  6. Mughdusyan Art Center – A music project with Nairyan Vocal Ensemble about social barriers and stereotypes. As a result of the project, a song will be written, a video will be shot presenting real stories of women.
  7. Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA) – Organizing the annual festival of installation art. The material for the project will be the production waste, with which the female artists will prepare installation works.
  8. HayArt Cultural Foundation – a feminist exhibition. The project “Curatorial Choice: How Women See It” will bring together a panorama of the views of four female curators working in the field of contemporary art in Armenia. The project will be built from simultaneous exhibitions of exhibition projects of female curators.

Congratulations to the winning projects. We hope to have a fruitful cooperation. We will let you know about these amazing projects on our social media pages.