Meetings with partners

Meeting in Aghveran

On April 22-23, The Women’s Fund Armenia held a meeting with partners in Aghveran in the context of feminist care and partnership.

During the meeting, we discussed our current and future plans and activities. We also practiced collective care methods to work more effectively in the future.

WFA Board Member's visit to Silihdar

 At the beginning of May, together with WFA’s board members Nvard Manasyan and Servan Petrosyan, we visited the Gardens of Silidhar in Ashtarak. The purpose of the visit was to show them the place and introduce the concept of it.

During the visit, we also discussed the upcoming activities.

Meeting with the new group of teenage girls

On April 26, Women’s Fund Armenia had a meeting with the new group teenage girls who won the contest of grants to implement their ideas. During the meeting, the girls got acquainted with the WFA staff, with each other, and talked about their projects. We will keep you updated on their projects.

By the way, other teenagers from our previous groups were also present at the meeting. They shared with the new group their experiences of working with the Fund.


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