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WFA Call for Women over 40 

Women and aging is a topic often neglected by different initiatives globally and locally. The feminist movement has focused on raising equal rights for all women regardless of race, class, orientation, faith and ethnicity but neglected often to address the age factor as a growing social issue with a gender equality approach. 

Due to gender stereotypes and economic reality, most women over 50 in Armenia bear primarily the burden of taking care of their families, the young and the sick, engaging in unpaid labor of care with little choice on voicing their own will or interests. Social life, work, health and personal aspirations are often left aside and rarely prioritized in their later-life experience and often dismissed as a social issue. 

The Women’s fund finds that it is important to continue empowering women in the later stages of their lives and make their voices heard.

If you are a woman (group) over 40 or an organization working specifically with this specific population and have interesting and daring ideas to promote diverse voices and initiatives of women over 40 and how to tackle the gender stereotypes in society limiting their lives, aspirations and presence in public life, please apply.

Some ideas and topics that WFA is interested to fund:

  • Community initiatives related to making women over 40 voices heard on different issues
  • Body positivity and aging women events
  • Women over 40 and sexuality initiatives
  • Artistic initiatives raising issues related to aging as a feminist issue
  • Creative writing initiatives, short stories, workshops on feminist perspective of aging process
  • Initiatives related to address the unpaid labor of care for women over 40
  • Women over 40 and Health 
  • Menopause as a feminist issue
  • women’s friendship and support after 40?
  • Studies about and self-help group discussions for working women over 40 and the difficulties of keeping or finding jobs?

To apply, you need to go to the following link and answer the questions in detail.

Please remember that the target group of the programs should be women of the specified age.

The amount of the grant is 1, 200․000 AMD (including taxes).

Application deadline: October 24.

For all questions, please contact the Foundation team.

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