Results of the “Women’s Rights Day – Every Day” grant call

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At the end of February, the Women’s Fund Armenia announced a call for feminist projects referring to events and initiatives that various women’s groups wanted to implement to show the true meaning of March 8.

Within two weeks, we received 51 applications for the implementation of different ideas. Each had its own unique direction. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to support all or most of the applications received, which were really interesting and commemorated the feminist roots of March 8th.

Below you can find 5 selected initiatives that will take place on March 8 or during March.

Armine Zakaryan and Boo Mountain Bike Park

During the event, a meeting with invited speakers is planned, who will tell the stories of March 8 and the origin of the feminist movement, talk about the past and current trends in the development of the movement, present the relationship between a healthy lifestyle, the role of sports and self-care and feminism, and organize a women’s bike march in the city, under the slogan “Reclaiming public spaces.” The event will take place in Vanadzor, at Boo Mountain Bike Park.

Gohar Khachatryan and Nor Luys NGO

The idea is based on the following: conduct a four-day Empowerment Self-Defense (ESD) course for 15 socially vulnerable teenage girls involved in the mentoring program of “Nor Luys” NGO. The course aims to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them prevent and respond effectively to unwanted situations, from verbal harassment to physical abuse, as well as establish their personal boundaries and make decisions that are in their best interests. The course will take place in Gyumri, in the premises of Nor Luys NGO.

Global Foundation for Trans Rights Protection

Since March 8th is International Women’s Day, the Global Foundation for Trans Rights Protection wants to hold an event inviting trans people, women sex workers, activists, representatives of various non-governmental organizations, embassy representatives and ambassadors to talk about women’s rights on that day. The event will be called “Trans women’s rights are also rights.”

Sose Women’s Issues NGO

While implementing the idea, Sose Women’s Issues NGO aims to invite successful women in the Syunik region, as well as beneficiaries of the organization and Artsakh women, to a daytime tea-party. It is important to create a free space for women to freely discuss the role of women from ancient times to the present day, to talk about gender equality, gender roles and the stereotypes related to them, and, most importantly, emphasize the role and importance of March 8. The duration of the meeting is about 3-4 hours. Participants will be invited to the meeting from the whole Syunik region. The meeting will take place in Goris.

“Girls Talk” Initiative

The members of the initiative plan to implement the idea from March 1 to March 8. It involves making “advertising” posters that will be attached in different parts of Yerevan. The posters will offer pre-holiday discounts and promotions for flowers, cosmetics, and parties. After scanning the QR codes, other online posters will open in front of people, showing the problems women are going through in Armenia: unpaid work, domestic violence, everyday discrimination, etc. The QRs will be posted on the newly launched Girlstalk website, which will serve as a platform for the initiative later. Within the framework of this initiative, meetings will also be held in Vanadzor and Gyumri with the regional territories of Pink NGO, as well as an exhibition called “Tesaneli anun” (“A visible name”) will be organized on March 6.

Follow the partners’ and our social media pages for more details about the events.

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