Feminist Essay Contest: “How do wars affect women and structurally excluded groups?”

In her “Professions for Women” speech in 1931, Virginia Woolf said: “…this freedom is only the beginning–the room is your own, but it is still bare. It has to be furnished; it has to be decorated; it has to be shared.” (Woolf, 1931) According to Woolf, in order to become a writer, women must overcome a number of obstacles that are placed in front of female writers.

With this and the idea of making women’s voices heard more in peace and security issues, the Women’s Fund Armenia announces a feminist essay contest. This call is submitting for essays based on selected abstracts on topics such as the dangers of pronatalist policies, post-war reproductive policies on surrogacy, gender-based violence, the militarization of women’s bodies in crisis contexts, militarized fashion, and discussions of sexuality in the context of war and peace, the history of sexual violence by peacekeeping forces, the militarization of education, the issues of LBTQ+ women in the contexts of war and militarization, etc.

Possible topics are not limited to those mentioned

It is IMPORTANT to note that no new research is expected to be carried out within this contest. Essays can be based on existing work and research

The amount of the grant is 400,000 AMD (including taxes).

To apply, you need to send the following package of documents to contact@womenfundarmenia.org:

  • Abstract of the essay – a short description of the idea and content of the essay (approx. 0.5-1 page);
  • A CV including information on previous publications (if applying with multiple authors, CVs of all co-authors);
  • Deadline of writing the essay (submitting the full essay);
  • Names and contact information of two experts who can attest to your suitability or experience for this competition.


Please note that packages must be complete. In case of submission of incomplete packages, the application will be excluded from consideration.

The best essays will also be published in local and/or international media platforms.

One of the conditions of the competition is the public presentation of essays within the framework of an event organized by the Fund.

The deadline for applying is March 23.

The results will be known within two weeks to one month after the deadline.

Fill the room with your thoughts!

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