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Results of the call for young women’s creative initiatives


We are pleased to announce the results of the Young Women’s Creative Initiatives Grant Competition. We had received 23 applications from different regions of Armenia. The following 5 proposals were selected.

  1. Text Hartak cultural- educational NGO – The (un)attainability of the woman’s body: from fairytale to fashion. Within the framework of the program, three open lectures-discussions will be organized, where the interpretations of the perception of a woman’s body and sexuality, sex and sexual violence will be discussed. It is also planned to shoot three videos about problematic topics regarding women.
  2. Hermine Andrikyan –  sevanVELOtime initiative –Organizing bicycle trainings and campaigns for women and girls in Sevan and its neighboring communities. Many women and girls from regions dream about learning to ride a bicycle, but due to many stereotypes and complexes, it remains an unrealizable childhood dream. The initiative encourages cycling, invites all women, regardless of age, to learn to ride a bike, thus breaking stereotypes.
  3. Hripsime Ghazanchyan Essence – a series of pottery sculptures. The aim of the project is to show through clay skulls the problems of women who are often targeted. It aims to show gender, racial-religious discrimination, especially the subordination of women, the contempt for their individuality, their labeling, as well as their differentiation and evaluation.
  4. Spitak Helsinki Group NGOFeminism through the language of art. The aim of the program is to help teenage girls to gain self-knowledge through art, regulate their emotional background, as well as stabilize and overcome mental instability and fears through self-knowledge.
  5. Hamik SimonyanA woman who will not be silent: talking about experience in the language of literature. For the first time, the Armenian translation of the articles and literary works of contemporary feminist foreign representatives will be presented: 5 poetry series, 5 short stories, translated essays and articles, a partial presentation of works by 4 Armenian women authors unknown to the public. It is planned to collect, compile, edit and proofread materials, then publish them in online magazines and on social media.

Congratulations to the authors of the winning projects, we wish you fruitful cooperation. The grant program is implemented with the financial support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.