Results of the call for research on feminist philanthropy

We are happy to announce the names of the winners of the Call for Feminist Philanthropy Research grants. Out of 14 applications received, 4 were selected. They are:
  1. Anna Atoyan – Translation of the book “Gender Matters: A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy.” The book is a study of how women’s philanthropy changes the face of global philanthropy.
  2. Arpy Atabekyan – Feminist Philanthropy and “The Society of Patriotic Armenians.” This article-study will be dedicated to the history of the “The Society of Patriotic Armenians,” which founded a large-scale “guardianship” in 1879 or, as we will say today, operated within the framework of philanthropy, and the results of its activities in Western Armenia and Constantinople.
  3. Arpine Haroyan – A study on the philanthropic activities of Princess Mariam Tumanyan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  4. Arpy Manusyan – research on philanthropist activity of Mariam Khatisyan.
We congratulate our new partners and wish them fruitful cooperation. We will tell about the progress of their works later.