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Projects supported by the filia foundation (2023)

Continuing to cooperate with the German filia foundation, this year we provided financial support to a number of programs, which we present below.

  • Socioscope NGO – ”Increasing the resistance” – with this program, “Socioscope” NGO increased the resilience and stability of the organization by developing appropriate policies and replenishing human resources.
  • Women’s Rights House NGOWith the ՚՚Re-silience” project NGO increased the resilience and stability of the organization. Thanks to the program, the organization has a fundraising specialist who helps to look for financial resources and support the organization in matters of financial independence. During the implementation of the project, an internal policy of physical security was also drawn up for the organization in order to plan security and quickly navigate in emergency situations. The main goal of the project was to increase the organization’s resilience and quick orientation in emergency situations, prevent burnout and ensure high quality of services, as well as ensure safety among the team and beneficiaries.
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Center (SACC) NGO – “Welfare and strengthening of SACC’S staff” project. The organization is the only one in Armenia providing with social, psychological and legal services to the victims of sexual violence and harassment. With this support they օrganized a 3-day retreat to which a psychologist was also invited. They also will organize 1-day events until the rest of the year for the team – based on their requests and needs. During the project they will have 1 monthly group meeting with a psychologist until the end of the year, bring out the problems and difficulties of the staff, try to solve them with the help of a specialist and learn ways to overcome them.