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Projects supported by the Calala foundation (2023)

Below you can get acquainted with the projects that received financial support thanks to the Calala Foundation, which were implemented this year or are still in the process of implementation:

  • Olga Azatyan – Olga Azatyan is a researcher who presented her recent research outcomes on “Women’s Movement Perspective in Post-Revolutionary Armenia” at the 2023 British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) Annual Conference. Afterwards, Olya organized presentations in several regions of Armenia. 
  • PINK NGO – Voices of Resilience: Art and Advocacy for LBTQI+ Women in Militarized Environments: The project promoted awareness and advocacy for LBTQI+ women’s issues in the contexts of war and militarization. LBTQI+ women are particularly vulnerable to violence during times of militarization. They are at risk of sexual violence, harassment, and discrimination, which can have lasting physical and psychological effects. Raising awareness and advocating for their rights can help ensure that they are protected from violence and abuse. Additionally, LBTQI+ women are often excluded from peace processes, which can have significant consequences for their rights and wellbeing. Advocating for their inclusion in these processes can help ensure that their voices are heard and that their rights are protected in the post-conflict period.
  • Armine Zakaryan – ”Womne’s circle” 2-day camp: within the framework of the initiative, Armine applied an experience used in different countries, which is called “Women’s circle”. It provides an opportunity to create a safe space for women to come together and share their experiences, being heard and visible under the witness and support of other women, to rediscover their voice and strength, to re-evaluate their self-esteem through various rituals of sisterhood. Such experiences help women to witness their unique differences and, by valuing the universal feminine transformative energy, promote their own self-development and positive change.
  • Kimberly Khachatryan – Kimberly, being a transgender woman, is also quite an active blogger and has a large audience on Instagram and Tiktok. Within the framework of the project, she is going to promote her blog, create content on women’s issues, from bullying to the objectification of women’s bodies, etc.
  • Global Trans Foundation “Institutional support for Global Trans Foundation” project is mainly to provide institutional support. It will enhance the capacity of the foundation. The staff will participate in different capacity-building training courses and sessions based on their needs. 
  • Anush Margaryan “Girls in STEM initiative”: Teenage girls had fun with STEM activities, collaborated with each other, and achieved a common goal. Additionally, they gained hands-on experiences in different STEM institutions, interacted with other amazing women scientists, and were inspired to be more involved in the field.
  • LGBTIQ+Parents – ՛՛Increasing the resilience of the parent group՛՛: Through the project, team building and consolidation of the NGO team was carried out, because the lack of opportunities and difficulties faced by the organization during the last year have led to a decrease in the endurance of the team, a lack of parental involvement and a lack of motivation for team building and team strengthening. The organization organized a four-day team building meeting during which the staff developed recovery approaches, conducted therapies, psychological games and bonding evenings, which enabled the team to strengthen the abilities and skills of team empowerment, understanding and mutual support, on the other hand, the organization planned the finalization of its strategic plan and had discussions about it as well.