Interviews with partners

Gohar Khachatryan

It is difficult to write about a person who does not speak in the first person during an hour-and-a-half interview. Gohar is like that. She talks about everyone and tries to help everyone. Even in stories about herself, she talks about the people she cares about, and it doesn’t matter if she knows them or not.

Olga Baghdasaryan

71-year-old Olga Baghdasaryan is one of those women who fight injustices with dedication and persistence and use all possible and impossible means to bring positive changes to women’s lives and the community.

Kristina Baghdasaryan

Many important events in the life of 32-year-old Christina Baghdasaryan happen spontaneously, as she says, “They happen when I need them the most.”

Haje Bakoyan

Haje Bakoyan, a 47-year-old Yezidi woman, is one of those women who do not obey the generally accepted rules that restrict women in various aspects. She was able not only to change the course of her own life, but also help other women and girls to go through the life path closest to their hearts.

Eliza Abovyan

Born in Koghb village, Tavush, Eliza Abovyan has understood since childhood that the main field of activity where she can express herself and bring positive changes is psychology. Having received her education in Yerevan and living there for some time, she returned to Tavush to contribute to the development of her community.

Nara Stepanyan

19-year-old Nara Stepanyan has been making carpets for five years. She made her hobby a source of income. Nara lives in the village of Aghavnavank, Tavush region and imagines her future life in the village. Through her activities, she intends to develop her village.

Lyudmila Shirvanyan

19-year-old Lyudmila Shirvanyan never adapted to reality, which negatively affected public life. While still in school, she spoke up about problems that received a lot of response, and, most importantly, steps were taken to address these problems.

Lala Mkrtchyan

For 17-year-old Lala Mkrtchyan, nothing is impossible, and difficulties are just opportunities leading to new achievements. Now Lala is going through a difficult path, the end of which is to become a demanded IT specialist.

Anahit Ghazaryan

On the evening of October 21, people from different fields gathered in “4 Plus.” They came to see the results of Anahit Ghazaryan’s hard work for over several years – the photo exhibition of Mariam Shahinyan, the first female professional photographer in Turkey.  Mariam worked for half a century, 1935-1985. Anahit found the photos as a result of months of searching in antique shops in Istanbul.

Nare Hovhannisyan

Nare Hovhannisyan is one of those persons, who always bring positive changes in any situation and anywhere. This is also true about the female beneficiaries at the Probation service program implemented with the support of the Women’s Fund Armenia.

Ani Petrosyan

Ani Petrosyan leads a very active lifestyle from an early age. From the age of 12, she is already taking her first steps in a field, which she is going to do in the next 30 years.