Call for feminist art and creative initiatives proposals

Women’s Fund Armenia, with the support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, is announcing a call for young women’s feminist art and creative initiatives proposals. The purpose of the grant is to encourage women’s creative work, support the implementation of women’s ideas.

The ideas should have a feminist direction, should raise important gender issues, be aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes. Ideas can range from a street start to a program for a group of women.

Women and women’s groups up to 40y.o. can take part in this grant competition. To apply, you need to submit your application and budget to by May 1. Samples of application budget forms can be found here:

The grant amount is 265,000 AMD (including taxes).

An information meeting will be held on April 13 at 5:00 pm to present the Fund’s expectations from this grant competition. We will also answer your questions during the meeting. To participate, you need to register here in advance.