Call for applications: “The impact of war and armed conflicts on women and groups neglected by systems”

Call for applications

For feminist organizations and initiatives

The Women’s Fund Armenia announces a new grant call on the topic of “The impact of war and armed conflicts on women and groups neglected by systems”. The purpose of the grant is to support the efforts of feminist organizations and initiatives to make women’s voices heard more in peace and security issues.

Within the framework of the grant, the implementation of new or existing programs is expected, which will be aimed directly at the provision of services or implementation of events for various groups of women, as well as advocacy activities by the applicants.

Programs can have such thematic areas as:

  • dangers of pronatalist policies,
  • gender-based violence in the context of war and conflict,
  • militarization of women’s bodies in context of crisis,
  • post-war reproductive policies on surrogacy,
  • discussions of sexuality in the context of war and peace,
  • history of sexual violence by peacekeeping forces, the militarization of gender role education,
  • LBTIQ+ women’s issues in the contexts of war and militarization,
  • In a broad sense, support for women affected by war and conflict and groups neglected by systems, etc.

Possible topics are not limited to those mentioned above.

The amount of the grant is AMD 2,060,000 (two million sixty thousand Armenian drams, including taxes).

To apply for this grant, you need to download and complete the following application form in detail, either in Armenian or in English (at the applicant’s preference), and then send the completed application to the email address by April 23 of this year (including).

The results will be known within 3 weeks after the deadline.

Please remember that our focus is local organizations and initiatives.

For all questions, please contact us at or call to +37498244933. 

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