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WEBINAR: Women and Militarism: From Politics to Personal Stories

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“Women and Militarism: From Politics to Personal Stories” webinar is organized by the Women’s Fund of Armenia with the support of filia foundation and the German Federal Foreign Office. The aim of the webinar is to reflect on the impact of war and militarism on women, to voice women’s perspectives in the context of the still uncertain geopolitical situation and the Armenian post-war situation. Although war and the military are considered to be “men’s work,” armed conflict and the militarist ideology have had a great impact on women all over the world.

Militarism encompasses much more than just the armed forces of a state and their activities. It is an ideology of power affecting governments with different political objectives and its influence can become part of a social process which penetrates all areas of a society. A study of the impact of militarism on women in both peacetime and wartime shows that women have a special concern with militarism and war, and are therefore highly involved in peacekeeping efforts.

Speakers and their topics:

  • Anna Ishkhanyan – Democracy Today NGO, Executive director, “General tendencies related to militarization (based on prof. data). Situation with women in Artsakh (the factor of being unrecognized), numbers of displaced women and future needs and perspectives”
  • Knar Khudoyan – author of “Borderlands stories” podcast, “Women’s political agency in peacebuilding before and after the war”
  • Knarik Mkrtchyan – Women’s Agenda NGO, Co-founder, “The Militarization of Women, Peace and Security agenda: Visions for Demilitarization”
  • Lida Minasyan – Women’s Agenda NGO, Co-founder, “Local and International Feminist Movements and Peacebuilding Agenda”
  • Liza Matevosyan – Women’s Center: Shushi NGO, Project Assistant, “The impact of the war on quality of life”
  • Mariam Khalatyan – Socioscope NGO, researcher, “War under the prism of women. About the ՛՛Women for Peace՛՛ campaign”

The webinar will take place on July 14th, at 4p.m. To join it, please register here.

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