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Urgent Call to Action: Persisting Support for Displaced Women and Girls from Nagorno-Karabakh

Dear friends and colleagues,

The large-scale offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh, initiated by the Azerbaijani Government on September 19, has led to the forced displacement of over 100,000 ethnic Armenians (for gender and demographic profile of the refugees, consult the report by UN Women). This distressing event followed a nine-month blockade of the region, exacerbating an already severe humanitarian crisis (for additional context, refer to our previous statement).

Responding to this critical situation, the Women’s Fund Armenia has launched a fundraising campaign to gather resources and provide emergency aid to forcibly displaced women and girls. During such crises, the specific needs of women are often overlooked by the responsible authorities. Civil society, particularly women’s organizations, play a vital role in addressing these unmet needs.

Following initial assessments and close collaboration with partnering regional women’s organizations, we have identified several groups already assisting the displaced population. Our emergency response has been channeled towards supporting these women’s organizations. With the funds raised, over 300 women and girls have already received crucial emergency assistance of about 20000 USD. We have reached our initial goal of raising emergency funds for urgent aid to women, especially from the most vulnerable groups and communities (single mothers, women who lost their main breadwinner, adolescent girls, women living with HIV/AIDS). This aid includes, but is not limited to, dignity kits, food, medication, bedding, winter clothing and underwear, heaters, and more. Additionally, we have funded well-being activities, especially for our partners working as frontline responders in this crisis, as their well-being is of utmost importance to us.

Presently, we are distributing more emergency support and continuing to conduct thorough assessments to better understand the needs and circumstances of forcibly displaced women and girls. Simultaneously, we are striving to mobilize additional resources to address their long-term needs, supporting projects and initiatives focused on developing sustainable crisis response strategies. We urgently appeal to the donor and international non-governmental organization (INGO) communities to extend their solidarity swiftly and provide immediate support for the protection and well-being of those profoundly affected by this crisis. These individuals, and especially women and girls that are affected by wars and displacements disproportionately,  not only endure severe trauma but also face the daunting challenge of having almost nothing to sustain themselves.

Please join us in this critical mission to and become a supporter of women and girls undergoing immense struggles caused by this crisis. Should you have any questions regarding the situation or our work, do not hesitate to contact us at or

In unity and compassion, 

Women’s Fund Armenia

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