The results of the call for SRHR programs

In January, the Women’s Fund  Armenia announced a grant call for programs on sexual and reproductive health and rights. During the call that lasted for about a month, the Fund received 34 applications, of which 12 were selected at this stage.

A two-day training on sexual and reproductive health rights was held for representatives of selected organizations and individuals on March 10-11. The experts provided the participants with the necessary knowledge to implement their projects.

The selected 12 projects are represented below:

  1. Alvan Tsaghik NGO – A seires of meetings for adolescent girls from a number of rural communities in the Shirak region with a psychologist and a gynecologist to answer the girls’ questions, as well as art therapy to get rid of complexes.
  2. Arpy NGO – Informational sessions for women displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh and currently living in Vanadzor on reproductive health and rights, as well as the organization of free medical examinations for these women.
  3. Divercity NGO – 2 informational videos about sexual  and reproductive health and rights of women and girls. Relevant specialists will be involved in the preparation of the videos, and the video will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.
  4. You are not alone NGO – workshops on sexual and reproductive health and safe motherhood for women from Vayots Dzor region, during which the participants will get acquainted with the RA Law on Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights, discuss the ways of exercising those rights, obstacles to those rights, protection against unwanted pregnancy, breastfeeding benefits, etc.
  5. Young Women’s Christian Association NGO – Identifying the existing needs and problems of adolescent girls displaced from Artsakh to Noyemberyan region in the field of sexual and reproductive health, raising the level of knowledge and awareness for 20 adolescents from Artsakh and Noyemberyan through training and professional counseling.
  6. Young Tavush NGO – Seminars and meetings with more than 50 socially vulnerable women victims of domestic violence from different communities of Tavush region. During the meeting, women will be informed about sexual and reproductive health and  rights, sex education, etc.
  7. Lusastgh NGO – Carry out research to identify the reproductive health problems of women with disabilities, to promote their health, as well as to provide inclusive, accessible health services in the Lori region.
  8. Women’s Rights House NGO – special courses for teenage girls in the Shirak region to raise the level of their awareness, to create healthy relationships and to develop free self-expression skills.
  9. Haje Bakoyan – Meetings with women and girls from the Yezidi community, raising their awareness on family planning, safe pregnancy, healthy relationships and similar topics.
  10. Huysi Metsamor NGO – Informational meetings with teenage girls from 3 rural communities of Metsamor, informing them about sexuality, hygiene, sexual violence, their rights, their protection, both via group and individual meetings, discussions, and counseling.
  11. Hripsimyants Shuntch NGO – Trainings for teenage girls in Stepanavan by a doctor and a psychologist to raise their level of awareness about sexual and reproductive health.
  12. Monika Hovhannesyan“Amot Chi” (It is not a shame) initiative, making a short film about menopause, where comprehensive information will be presented about menopause, its course, psychological and physiological consequences, the reasons for ignoring this topic in the society and the solution to it.

The above-mentioned programs are already in the implementation stage. We will give further details about the results after the end of the programs.