Call for research papers, articles, and translations on feminist philanthropy


The Women’s Fund Armenia is announcing a call for research on feminist philanthropy. Research papers can be in the form of research (individual and group interviews, literature analysis, expert surveys, etc.), translations, articles, and essays.

Topics may include:

  • The history of feminist philanthropy in Armenia, its development prospects.
  • The history of women philanthropists, their input in feminist philanthropy (for example, the history of “School Tebrotzassère” founded by Armenian intellectual women in 1879 in Constantinople, its leading female figures, etc.).
  • Manifestations of philanthropy for the protection of women’s rights in Post-Soviet Armenia, 
  • Translation of articles dedicated to women’s international philanthropy from English and other languages into Armenian,
  • Other topics related to feminist philanthropy.

The call is open to individuals or groups as well as women’s organizations with experience in research, translation, academic writing.

To participate, all the interested individuals or groups should send their CVs and applications to The deadline for applying is April 20th. Your application should include the following:

  • For research papers, 1.5-2 pages of research proposal, indicating the research topic, goals, objectives and methodology, including the literature review.
  • For translations, you should suggest an article that you are going to translate, justifying why you are translating that article, why it is important. You should also send us 1-2 examples of your previous translations.
  • For essays and articles, their topic, relevance, purpose and annotated bibliography.

The amount of the grant is 520,000 AMD (including taxes).

All interested persons can register and participate in the information session to be organized by the Women’s Fund Armenia on April 8 at 5p.m. During the meeting, we will present our expectations and answer your questions. To register, please click here.