You are currently viewing RESULTS of the call for proposals to support women and girls in STEM

RESULTS of the call for proposals to support women and girls in STEM

In July, The Women’s Fund Armenia had announced a call for proposals to support women and girls in STEM. The aim of the grant call was to encourage women’s and girls’ participation in those fields, break stereotypes and empower women and girls.

The Fund had received 13 project proposals. Interviews were conducted with the participants who passed the first stage, as a result of which the following 5 programs were selected:

  1. FemPower initiative – This girls’ initiative is going to create an app that will motivate women and girls to set goals and to achieve them step by step. The app will have a feminist focus, will include motivational expressions from famous women.
  2. Girls in Tech Armenia – This organization, which unites women and girls in the field of IT, will prepare 15 stories about women and girls of different ages and living in different regions, engaged in different branches of science and technology.
  3. Ani Petrosyan – Girlopolis hackathon for girls in IT. Ani has already organized a hackathon of the same name with the support of the Women’s Fund Armenia. This time the event will be offline and on a larger scale.
  4. Arevik Grigoryan – Creating an app that will teach you how to save energy and water on a daily basis, as well as waste management. The app will feature characters for different age groups to motivate them. The app will also include hotline numbers that are especially needed by women and girls.
  5. Arpy Adamyan – Start women’s initiative, which includes women affected by war and based in Meghri. The initiative will organize three-month courses for these women on web design, web game-tests, website development, video advertising and marketing. Thanks to the acquired skills, women will be able to provide advertising services.

Congratulations to the winning projects and a fruitful cooperation to us. As always, we will regularly inform you about the news of these programs on our social media pages.